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An online platform that aims to help students re-establish a connection with their Pakistani identity. We offer courses in Deen and Urdu.

We can't wait for you to join us!


What is Pehchan?

Pehchan by Edopia is an online platform that connects Pakistani students from around the world to expert and vetted teachers from Pakistan.

We offer a range of academic and non-academic courses through video chat lessons.

At Pehchan, students and teachers get access to a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment to ensure seamless communication, offline and online.


$95/ month

 We understand the importance of learning our mother language, therefore, we have devised a curriculum that will make it easier for the beginners to comprehend, communicate, read, and write the Urdu language in a simple manner.



(We also have an option of '

Pay what you can afford')


Islamic traditions necessitate us to consider learning Ilm (knowledge) holistically; thus the concept of gaining knowledge goes hand in hand with the concepts of Adab (courtesy and refinement) and Tarbiyyah (moral cultivation). 


A little about the founder

Jaweria Sethi is an educator who wishes to enable children to learn on their own terms. She is trying to develop learning environments that allow for the voice and choice of the children to be manifested during their learning journey; a place which does not produce ‘better adults’, rather places value on childhood, where every child is viewed as an empowered entity. Hence, she started the first alternative and democratic school of Pakistan, Edopia, in Islamabad in 2014.


After receiving suggestions from the parents, she decided to initiate project Pehchan in 2020 which provides online courses to students residing in Pakistan as well as overseas. 


She is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Education from Harvard University.



We are very satisfied with the Deen class. Rani remains engaged and interested in her lectures. Ms. Fatima has conversations with Rani in a tone and rhythm that resonates well with her.


Mr. Abdul Muhaiz is doing a great job. He is very good in his field of teaching and has excellent communication skills. He involves my son in the discussion which is very positive.


In a day and age where almost every school is letting go of Deen, Urdu and the true meaning of their religion, this is a superb initiative!