This course has been designed to encourage a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of Islam. Islamic traditions necessitate us to consider learning Ilm (knowledge) holistically; thus the concept of gaining knowledge goes hand in hand with the concepts of Adab (courtesy and refinement) and Tarbiyyah (moral cultivation). Together these form the integrals of education in an Islamic spirit. 

The course of ‘Deen has been divided into four levels. The in-depth knowledge of Deen increases at each level, engaging the cognitive stages of memorization, comprehension, application, and evaluation as suited in respective areas. each level will have two classes per week (one hour per class).

Course Price: $95/month

(We also have an option of 'Pay what you can afford')

We intend to make this course as accessible as possible to everyone. However, live teaching for small groups can be expensive. Therefore, we are hoping that people who can afford to pay for this course will end up paying for those who cannot. Together we can make the Deen course accessible for everyone. 

Detailed Course Overview

Deen (Level 1)


This level is designed for beginners 

  • Timeline of Prophetsؑ

  • From Pre-Islamic Arabia to the blessed birth of the Messengerﷺ, to migration to Madina

  • What is the Qur’an?

  • Prominent places  in Seerah

  • Tauhid

  • 5 pillars

  • Gratitude

Click here to download the detailed course outline for Deen (Level 1).


Deen (Level 2)

This level is designed for students who exhibit some level of understanding Deen.

  • Introduction to Seerah

  • Sources of knowledge model

  • Places of origin of the various Prophets & Messengersؑ

  • Unwrapping the core articles of Faith in the Deen of Islam

  • Second dimension: Actions; Physical domain

  • How is Ihsan different from Iman and Islam?

  • Use effective strategies of segmenting unfamiliar words

Click here to download the detailed course outline for Deen (Level 2).

Deen (Level 3)

This level is designed for students who want to dive deep into learning Deen.

  • Sunnah & Wellness: Gratitude & Positivity

  • Preservation of Qur’an

  • Historical Locations: Origin & Significance

  • The purpose behind the Rulings in Islam

  • Ritual Purification and Prayer

  • Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge 1




Click here to download the detailed course outline for Deen (Level 3).

Deen (Level 4)

This level is designed for students who are enthusiastic about Deen and want to pursue it long-term.

  • The deeper reasons to study the Prophetic ways and character

  • Impediments in guidance from Qur’an

  • Hadith: Principles in Hadith methodology

  • Modern Muslim World Map

  • Differentiating between Islam as a civilization and Islam as a religion

  • Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge 2


Click here​ to download the detailed course outline for

Deen (Level 4).